Tips For Swimming With Your Baby

I am lucky enough to live in the seaside town of Stonehaven which has the most amazing Open Air pool that is opening for the season this weekend!
This marks the start of the summer in our town and prompted me to put together some tips for swimming with your toots.

1. You no longer need to wait until after immunisations to get your little one swimming, although advice may vary so check with a health professional if unsure.

2. Check out your local pools accessibility and changing facilities before visiting. Wide steps down to the pool are much easier while holding a baby.

3. Most pools will have family changing rooms, with fold down change tables. Some also have playpens and special seats for toddlers.

4. Get your local pool’s timetable. Many swimming pools have mum and baby sessions, where they put out toys and you can meet other mums.

5. Go prepared. Make sure you have your costume on under your clothes – it makes things much easier – but don’t forget to pack your undies for coming out.

6. A good swim nappy is essential. You can get single use disposables, but cloth is much better for comfort and the environment. You also get swim suits which are warmer and have an integrated nappy. Babies don’t have the body fat or movement to keep them warm for long in the water. Have a look at our range on

7. Keep baby facing you in the water – they will feel more confident if you are in sight.

8. Try getting babies face wet and gradually build up water confidence.

9. Have a nice fluffy towel with a hood…and get baby dry and warm first before they get too cold.

10. Be prepared for baby to be hungry after swimming.

If you are trying out Stonehaven Outdoor Pool there are changing facilities, but also long benches in the changing room which can be used for changing babies. Remember never leave your baby unattended when using any changing facilities.
The pool is wonderfully warm, but it is cold getting out. I would recommend having a towel or even a dressing gown ready at the side of the pool.
Remember it is outdoors and salt water, so ensure you have good sun protection and sun glasses as the glare from the water is surprisingly bright.

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