Cloth Nappy Advice

Cloth Nappies

An introduction

Here at Nurtured Baby we know the world of cloth nappies can be confusing and hard to navigate.  But it is all very simple and with a helping hand you will find it all very easy getting started.

Cloth nappies come in lots of different styles and design and it is important to find what works for you and your baby.  You will need approximately 20 nappies to be washing every second day.  

Washing cloth nappies is very straight forward -  you just wash using your normal detergent and wash at 30/40, and an occasional 60 if nappies need a bit more of a clean.  However do always read manufacturers guidelines for washing.  Most modern cloth nappies do not need pre-soaked so you can just store them in a nappy bin prior to washing.

Getting Started

How Nurtured Baby can help

Getting started with cloth nappies can be daunting.  But Nurtured Baby is here to help.  We recommend booking a consultation and a nappy hire before you take the plunge.

A nappy consultation lasts about 60 minutes and gives you the opportunity to see and feel the nappies.  We will discuss the pros and cons of various designs and how they would suit your lifestyle.  We will discuss the care of your cloth nappies and you will have the opportunity to ask lots of question.  You also have the option to borrow some nappies and try before you buy.

Nurtured Baby offer a service where you can hire a set of newborn nappies to help get you through the initial few weeks when baby can be too small for many of the birth-to-potty style brands.

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    What you say about Nurtured Baby

    "Had a fantastic consultation. Nicole was very knowledgeable and found me exactly what I was looking for.  It was really great to speak to someone that knows what they are talking about. Couldn't recommend enough  That's nappies now ticked off the list of things to do." Sarah

    "Excellent, personal service. Nicole is a whizz with all things fluffy! " Fi

    "Before doing the nappy trial, Nicole ran through the various options for cloth nappies and advised what would suit us best" Amanda