What to expect at Baby Massage Class.

“As you massage your baby, every movement will be an expression of your love” Vimala McClure

Baby Massage

Baby Massage is an ideal first time class for new mums and their babies, there is no onslaught of bright colours, music and children of all ages.  At Nurtured Baby I create an oasis of calm for you and your baby to relax and enjoy the benefits of nurtured touch.

What’s It all about?

It’s about connecting with your baby through touch, taking time to learn from your baby and stepping back from our busy lives.  It has amazing benefits for both you and baby, it is mood enhancing, relaxing, it aids sleep and digestive issues to name but a few.  Baby massage is a great tool to have in your parenting tool kit and one which you can return to again and again.

Class Size

I keep by classes small, so no more than eight adults dependent on the size of the venue.  This enables me to interact with you and your baby and get to know you.  It also means that you can get to know the other members of the group and easily share experiences.

Is my baby to young?

Baby Massage can be practiced from birth.  So babies can’t be too young, but it is about you being ready and comfortable to attend.  Classes to babies from birth to pre-crawler.


I provide mats on the floor for babies to lie on and mums are encouraged to bring a cushion if needed.  Lights are dimmed and the temperature is regulated to provide a relaxing and warm environment.  You massage your own baby and I demonstrate on a doll.

Class Timing

Classes are 90 minutes long this enables time for a refreshment break.  Course last 5/6 weeks and each week we add a new massage routine.

Class content

In the first class you will learn to massage your babies legs and feet, then each week we add a new part of the body until we have completed a full body massage.  There is also time to discuss various issues that arise when you become a new parent and we look at a variety if relaxation techniques for you as a parent.  If members of the class are keen I also get you to bring along your baby box sling and we look at using it safely and securely.

What if my baby is asleep?

We do not massage babies when they are asleep or crying.  Baby massage is very much baby led, and all the massage strokes are repeated so you will get the opportunity to practice them.  But it is very much about learning the techniques in class and then using them at home.

Can I feed my baby?

Yes, absolutely.  We are led by the babies at baby massage class.  You can feed in class, but I also provide an area where you can feed privately if preferred.

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring a blanket, towel and a cushion.  I supply worksheets and oil.

Can my partner attend?

Yes, partners or a grandparent are welcome to attend.  There is a small charge for an extra adult.

I have twin can I attend?

Yes, there is no extra charge for another baby.  But it can be helpful and more relaxing for you if you can bring along a partner or a grandparent.  Although I am aware this is not always possible.

Do we need to sing?

There is a little singing and a few rhymes but not a huge amount.  But remember to your baby you are Beyoncé.  They love the sound of your voice, so don’t be afraid of breaking into song.

About Nurtured Baby

I am Nicole Hepburn and I have been working with local families for 10 years and teaching baby massage for over a year.  I have massaged all three if my children and still do.  I trained as a massage instructor with the International Association of Infant Massage and am PVG certified and hold a certificated in emergency Pediatric First Aid.  I am also a trained babywearing consultant.

I teach at my home in Stonehaven, which is easily to get to from the south and from Aberdeen city in the north.  I also teach in Montrose which is accessible from across Angus and South Aberdeenshire.

How to Book

Booking is simple just visit me online store and click on the class and follow the booking instructions.  Before the class starts you will also be sent out a class registration form.