Neonatal & Baby Massage

This week is the UK’s first ever Neonatal Mental Health Awareness Week!

It is so inspiring that awareness is being raised of the mental health impact neonatal care can have on families and carers.

I had the privilege of training in baby massage, alongside two inspirational neonatal nurses and it was reassuring to hear how baby massage is used to help families during this stressful time.

Baby Massage can be too stimulating for many neonatal babies and parents are encouraged to using nurturing touch, resting there hand on the little one.  Kangaroo care is also used to help with babies care and parental bonding.

To the outsider a baby getting ready to go home from  neonatal would be a time for celebration.  But for many parents it can be a huge cause of anxiety and worry.

They may worry that they haven’t bonded with baby, or be anxious about handling their baby and of course there is the concern about not having medical support on hand.

It is during this transition time that baby massage comes into it’s own, giving parents the confidence to handle baby and use nurturing touch to reassure and soothe.   It also helps hugely with bonding and relaxation for parents as well as baby.  Many neonatal units train nurses and staff in baby massage to help during this crucial time.

Baby Massage is a skill for life and once home it can be a great first class to take your baby along to. At  Nurtured Baby we welcome all babies to our classes once mum is ready to come along.  If you have any questions about massage class do get in touch.

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