Thunder Clouds


Sky clouds, i clouds, apps… my last few weeks have been filled with the trials of updating and apparently improving on my computer equipment.

It has been just over two weeks since this new piece of technology entered my life.  I wish I could say I got a some excitement as I took home and opened the sleek looking box that oozes ease of use and promises a streamlined lifestyle, but to be honest IT equipment gives me about as much of a thrill as a new washing machine.

The only thing that raised  my interest was the prospect of  having my very own cloud, envisaging a little fluffy helper, storing all my important documents, reading material and pictures just ready to be plucked like cupids arrow and land perfectly on my laptop.  How wrong I was.

Why did I not consider that each device you own has it’s own cloud and they don’t speak to one another,  or at least not with any apparent ease, then there is the lengthy process of transferring documents from the old laptop to the new.  Why oh why did I expect it to be as easy as putting it all on my fluffy cloud, now rapidly turning gray and looking decidedly thunder, and leaving it there until I needed to access it with the help of a little golden arrow.

The change of keyboard you’d have thought might have been the least of my worries but my fingers seem to be unable to get used to the funny little keys that fail to give a satisfactory click, and seem considerably smaller than the keyboard I now yearn for.  So to all my customers who have received emails and messages scattered with typos I ask you to be patient… please!

With my temper frayed and the grey cloud threatening thunder, I gradually begin to realise that, of course, my new device doesn’t have any of my million and one passwords stored, and can I remember them?  Of course not.  So then begins the frustrating and time consuming task of sending myself little messages to change my password…. joy.  Surely in an age when we can split an atom we should be able to make this task easier,  is there anyone out there that can possibly remember the seemingly infinite passwords and pins required for modern living.  Lets just use a fingerprint retina scanning….. come on IT types life is full of enough stresses without me needing to remember the password for my favourite knickers store.

It has been two weeks of hair pulling and a battle of wills, but I am slowly getting there and there are occasionally a few rays of sunshine from my cloud before it greys over as I discover another glitch to overcome.

Now for the world of apps, with the purchase of my new device I got a voucher for purchasing a bundle of these wonders.  A quick scan of the store revealed an array of time swallowing games, but I need something that promises a streamlined life and a way out to part these thunder clouds once and for all.  any suggestions will be gratefully received.