Stonehaven Baby Fair – this way please!

blogCongratulations on finding, we hope you had a great day at Stonehaven Baby Fair – now you’ll be wondering why you are the owner of a cotton rectangle!

What you have is a prefold nappy, a very basic cotton pad that is used with an outer waterproof wrap (pant) to create a very effective cloth nappy. The prefold nappy is very durable and is used by many nappy laundry companies, it is also a popular choice for newborn babies and is ideal for adding absorbency to pocket nappies. It is truly versatile and you may not know as yet what a pocket nappy is but please read on and find out more about cloth.

Take a few minutes to watch our YouTube video on how to use pre-folds to get a better idea of just how simple they can be.

Cloth nappies don’t begin and end with the prefolds, there is a whole range of fun, funky and easy to use cloth nappies on the market and there are so many reason to consider switching to cloth:

  • Using cloth saves the average family approximately £500 per child
  • With bin collections fortnightly cloth nappies save a lot of space in your wheelie bin
  • Using cloth of reduces landfill
  • You know exactly what you are putting next to your babies skin
  • Cloth nappies can also help with potty training
  • Modern cloth nappies are easy to care for they don’t need soaked, they just get popped in the washing machine and many can be tumble dried.

The Nappy Laundry Company offers a nappy trail this is when you pay a deposit and borrow some nappies to try at home and one the nappies are returned so is the deposit. I usually like to meet you before you take the trial so we can discuss the various types of nappies and how to use them.I am also happy to come along to toddler and baby groups to talk about the benefits of cloth. If this has sparked your curiosity about reusable nappies have a look at our online store we have a nappy advice section and lots of styles of nappies to have a look at.

As a help to get you started we would like to offer you £5 off your first order over £20 with the code SBF14 and free shipping.  This offer is available until the end of June.

If cloth nappies are just not something you would consider do not despair the prefold nappy is super absorbent and is great for mopping up spill, cleaning the car and much more!