Benefits of Babywearing for Baby


Carrying your baby in a safe and supported sling, no matter what style or brand,  can have lots of benefits for you baby.

Here are just a few:

  • Bonding it encourages baby to develop a strong sense of security and will help independence in the long term.
  • Being close to a parent and skin-to-skin can help baby regulate there temperature and breathing.  This is especially beneficial to preterm babies.
  • A carried infant cries less and for shorter periods this aids restfulness and sleep.
  • Being carried in an upright position can help with reflux, colic and reduce posseting.
  • With each movement you make, baby makes tiny adjustments in the sling, he;ping tone and develop muscle development.
  • Good hip and leg positioning in a sling can help strengthen babies hip development.
  • Carrying a baby reduces the risk of ‘flat head’ syndrome caused by babies spending prolonged periods on their back.
  • It is though babies who are carried develop good communication skills due to being up and able to observe faces and hear voices.

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Hello – I’m Nicole Hepburn, mother of three and owner of Nurtured Baby. I am a baby massage instructor and specialise in cloth nappies and babywearing – working with families for over 10-years.