The Magic of Feet

Foot reflexology is an ancient art that has therapeutic effects on adults and babies.  Surely a therapy that has been around 2230 BC and is still practice must have something to it?

The ligaments and muscles in babies’ feet have yet to develop fully, they tend to be far more receptive to the gentle reflexology rubs.

To relax a fussy baby, there are two magic spots on the feet that you can focus on.

The first is linked to the solar plexus.  The solar plexus is the intersection point of many nerves in the abdomen.  The reflexology point for this is located in the middle of the sole, under the ball of the foot, down from the middle toe.

Gently massage the area in a circular motion, doing both feet at the same time.

The second technique is the Mother Earth or Nurture hold. This simple move just involves cupping babies heels in your hands and holding.

Both moves can give baby an overall feeling of relaxation and wellbeing,  They are ideal to use if your baby is unsettled or experiencing distress.

If your baby resists the reflexology strokes, just gently rest or hold the palm of your hand against the sole of their foot, or enclose the foot in both hands.

Remember if you have any concerns about baby’s health please contact a health professional.

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Hello – I’m Nicole Hepburn, mother of three and owner of Nurtured Baby. I am a baby massage instructor and specialise in cloth nappies and babywearing – working with families for over 10-years.