In the pink!

How life has changed over the past 20 months with the arrival of a little girl.   There are all the usual adjustments for a new baby and toddler, stair gates, sleepless nights, yoghurt coated ceilings.  However one change has come as a surprise and never fails to make me smile.

Laundry, yes I run a Nappy Laundry and that is my job and you can kind of separate that and take pride in seeing all those pristine white nappies.  But everyday domestic laundry – well it is an essential with two rugby playing boys and a cloth nappy wearing toddler there is no escaping it.  I have even named my laundry baskets the magic porridge pots…it just keeps coming!

But the one change in this everyday chore since the arrival of my little girl is the pink washing.  No longer do I just sort into white and coloureds, I now have white, coloureds and shades of red.

From baby pink to cerise, pillar box red to raspberry is there no end to the shades and tones of red!  After two boys I am a sucker for girlie clothes and the pinks just keep on coming …add to this two Arsenal fans and you can see there is every need for a separate pink wash in our household!