Cloth Isn’t Scary

The Nappy Laundry Company is delighted to be taking part in the Halloween Cloth Nappy Hunt.

The theme of this event is “Cloth Isn’t Scary”, we want to dispel the myths that cloth is hard work, leaky,  expensive. and more!  So we would love to hear what you think and what your worries were when you first started using cloth.

There is lots of interesting information on the Nappy Hunt website so pop over and have a look and also register for the hunt and have a chance to win fantastic prizes.


Billy has ventured out on Halloween and has got a bit lost. As he tries to find his was back home, he meets some interesting characters and finds lots of clues which remind him of his hunt supporters. You need to help Billy solve the clues and find his way home.

If you help Billy home you could win one of SIX huge bundles of nappies and accessories worth in excess of £100 each.

On Thursday 31st October Billy will send you the first chapter of his Halloween Journey which will contain a clue. Each clue will point you to the website of one of the Main Hunt Supporters or Organisers. Simply head to this site and search for Billy in one of his Halloween costumes. When you find him Billy will have a reason why ‘Cloth Isn’t Scary!‘ – write this down, you will need it later. Then click on Billy – this will bring up the next chapter of his journey with another clue to solve.

All together Billy will hide 20 reasons that tell you why ‘Cloth Isn’t Scary!’ – these are easy to find on the images of Billy. Watch out… every now and then Billy will jump out and surprise you with an entry form for you to enter your reasons.

You have 4 days to complete the hunt – entry will close at Midnight on Sunday 3rd November 2013. Any entries received after this time will not be included in the prize draw.
Be careful, you need to find all 20 reasons and enter them as Billy jumps out at you for your entry to be counted, however,  all ‘clues’ are numbered so it will be obvious if you are out of sequence.

As you are signed up to our mailing list, you’ll be emailed the first chapter of Billy’s story, which will contain your first clue.  This will also appear on Billy’s blog as well as the GBNH Facebook page throughout the hunt.


Billy has collected lots of treats from his friends while out Trick or Treating this year, and he wants to share them with you! The Pumpkin Hunt is simple – Participating pumpkin hunt retailers each have a prize on offer and have hidden a pumpkin image (like the one above) on their site.  All you have to do is find Billy’s pumpkin image and click on it to enter the competition to win the prize offered by that site.

The website and blog will have a list of the prizes being offered by each Pumpkin Hunt Supporter – feel free to enter as many of them as you wish!


One last way to win – this time Billy has an exclusive nappy bundle worth over £60.
As the theme is ‘Cloth Isn’t Scary’, we’re inviting you to use your imagination and skill, and submit to the Great British Nappy Hunt Facebook page your own photo to depict ‘Cloth isn’t Scary’.  Please edit your photo by adding the text “Cloth isn’t scary it’s……”    The winner will be judged by a panel comprising GBNH organisers, and will take into account (but not exclusively be decided by) views and likes.

PLEASE NOTE ALL COMPETITIONS CLOSE AT MIDNIGHT SUNDAY 3RD NOVEMBER 2013 – full terms and conditions of entry can be found at