Changing Times

As the summer comes to a close and school starts up families can experience real changes to their lifestyle and routines.

Little ones start nursery, school and older children may be heading for the academy.   You may experience one or all of these in recent weeks, or you may be facing them in the weeks ahead.

For stay at home parents they can suddenly be coming home to an empty house and for working parents their familiar routine may suddenly be turned upside down.  No matter what your circumstances the end of summer will result in some change for the majority of families.

I always feel melancholy and reflective as the children go back to school, yearning for a few more days and looking forward to the October break.  It makes me think of my own summer holidays as a child and what my children will remember of there own childhood.  I worry about how many summers we will have left as a family as my eldest approaches the end of his school career.

But like nature everything changes and we can’t hang on to the status quo we must embrace the changes.

So how can we face change with ease.

  1.  Talk about the changes explore the positives and celebrate your growing children’s progress.
  2.  Don’t wish away your days until the next break in routine.  Enjoy the journey.
  3.  Take the opportunity to assess your routines as a family perhaps this can make your busy life run smoother.
  4.  Remember to take time for yourself.
  5.  Don’t forget it is not just you who is experience change it is your family, so talk about it together.   If one member is having more difficulty with the changes help them express their emotions.  If you attended baby massage classes this can be a good time to revisit those skills to help open up communication.

Trust in the in change and embrace the new adventure and the opportunities that lie ahead.