Carry safely this bonfire night.



Carriers and slings are great for bonfire night you can keep baby close and it saves you taking a buggy over a muddy field. It also makes it easier for a quick exit if baby doesn’t enjoy the experience.

But it is important to keep safe and here are five tips to help you carry safely:

  • Do not light fireworks when carrying a baby.  Carriers and slings can be so comfortable it is easy to forget you have a baby attached!
  • Do not use a sparkler when carrying baby.  Sparklers reach extremely high temperatures and baby is closer than you are if you are carrying.   Always be safe.
  • Keep baby facing in if possible.  Babies can become over stimulated and frightened by the lights and bangs, this can be reduced if they are facing you for comfort.  But always be prepared to leave early, some little ones just don’t like the noise and flashing.
  • Think about ear defenders or ear muffs.  Babies have sensitive hearing so consider the noise.  If at a garden display you could watch from inside.  Why not consider watching from a distance.
  • Remember it’s going to be cold, but a carrier counts as a layer of clothing.  If you are wearing a wrap style carrier each layer of fabric counts as a layer of clothing.  Keep extremities warm feet, hands and head.

Above all have fun and stay safe.

Hello – I’m Nicole Hepburn, mother of three and owner of Nurtured Baby. I am a baby massage instructor and specialise in cloth nappies and babywearing – working with families for over 10-years.