By Royal Appointment

Well the time is almost here for the royal baby to be delivered into the arms of our royal couple Kate and William.

The much anticipated event has been impossible to miss over the past 9 months.  We have heard it all Kate’s morning sickness, maternity wear, boy or girl, the entire pregnancy has been played out under the media spotlight.

I can’t imagine what this must be like for Kate an expectant first time mum, she has had to deal all the usual worries, coupled with the pressure of the media glare.

A first baby is such a miracle, but it has unexpected pressures: you get advice from so many angles; you body changes; parent guilt arrives with a thud.  It is truly a life changing event and one you can never fully prepare for as a couple.

No doubt Kate and William will not be short of advice from both sets of parents, friends, family and advisor.  But lets hope that in this day and age they are given the space, by not just the media but by those around them,

The Kate nappy, perfect for a royal arrival!

to bond with and nurture this little one and most importantly enjoy there first tentative steps as parents.