August Carrier of the Month

I’m excited to be announcing our new feature.

NB Carrier of the Month …..yes, Nurtured Baby Carrier of the Month!


The Boba Air is the most amazing buckle carrier.  Remember as a child those cagoules that folded into there own pocket?

Well this is the baby carrier equivalent.  It folds up into it’s own pocket so you can store it in a change bag, or glove compartment.  But the magic is that it does this without losing any of the comfort and security you get with a standard Boba buckle carrier.

Designed to fit a baby 15-45lbs (7-20kg) , you can front and back carry with the Boba Air.  It is made of  lightweight nylon for easy cleaning and features padded breathable mesh straps, as well as padded leg openings for your little ones comfort.

So if you are a fan of travelling light, this is the carrier for you!  Ideal for beach trips, holidays or just to have in the car for those trips when a pram is just too much.

If you love it is much as I do find it in store at Nurtured Baby.

Hello ā€“ Iā€™m Nicole Hepburn, mother of three and owner of Nurtured Baby. I am a baby massage instructor and specialise in cloth nappies and babywearing ā€“ working with families for over 10-years.